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How it works

  • Sign up and create an account

    Sign up here and after approval create a Seller account.

  • Bring or send us your items (minimum of 6 items)

    If you send us your items, please make sure you enclose the right contact details.

  • We check them

    We do not accept torn garments or pieces with holes in them. We also do not accept counterfeits, if we do stumble upon them, we will reject you as a seller.

  • We will create your online closet manually

    We will charge you € 25,- one time only.

  • We sell your items!

  • You earn 60% of the selling price

    This is excluded VAT upon our commission.

  • Evaluate if items won’t sell within 2 months

    Together with you we decide what happens to your items.

  • *NB

    ThriftShop is not responsible for any damages or losses to your items. If your items haven't been picked up within 1 week after our request to pick them up, we will give them to charity.

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